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What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting was invented as a practice aid for game shots. Today it has become a very popular sport in its own right.

A clay pigeon is a disc of clay, about 4’’ (11cm) in diameter, generally black or orange in colour. It is thrown into the air by a mechanical device called a trap and will fly through the air like a miniature Frisbee. When hit by gunshot the clay will crack into pieces, or explode in a puff of dust if hit really well.


Will the gun hurt?

A lot of people are put off shooting because they’ve heard the gun will kick. Some people believe the gun will “knock you off your feet if you’re not careful”.

Shotguns come in many different shapes and sizes; as long you are firing a gun that fits you correctly, and you are holding it properly, it will not hurt. I always ensure that you are firing an appropriate gun.

Is there an age limit?

I have taught shooters from 7 to 75, so the simple answer is no. As long as you’re big enough to hold my smallest gun and reach the trigger then you should be able to shoot. I would recommend a minimum height of about 4 Feet (120 cm).


How long will a lesson last?

I don’t set a time limit on a lesson as some learn quicker than others. Averagely a beginners’ lesson will last about an hour, but you will never be rushed.

Can you shoot in the rain?

You can shoot in any weather conditions. As it is an outdoor sport it is advisable to wear sensible clothing and footwear to suit the conditions.

How many people will there be in a group lesson?

The group size is determined by you. We do not group people together. Generally, for one to one tuition groups can be up to six shooters, and as many spectators as you want. If you want to shoot on your own or as a couple that’s absolutely fine, it makes no difference to the price.

Do I need to have a Shotgun Certificate / License?

To have a go at clay pigeon shooting under supervision you do not need any paperwork. If you decide you want to own a shotgun you will require a shotgun certificate, which is obtainable from your local Police Firearms Dept.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.

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