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About me

I’ve always loved shooting. It’s not a hobby or a pastime it’s a passion. I started shooting at the age of 12 and was immediately hooked.

I have been an Accredited BASC Shotgun Coach since 2008 and regularly coach at country fairs, young shots days and other events.

The BASC (British Association of  Shooting and Conservation) evaluate all of  their coaches every three years to ensure standards are maintained.

I am never happier than when I’m shooting or coaching.

I can still remember the moment when I hit my first clay, it was a fantastic feeling. I get the same feeling every time a new shot hits his or her first clay.

It is also a sport where women can perform at least as well as men.


I don’t try to cram in as many lessons as I can, I am always happy to work at your pace. Some pick up the idea really quickly, others take longer to settle in to a rhythm, either way is absolutely fine. All one to one tuition is carried out by me, I do not hire in other coaches. I’m always happy to answer any questions as we go along.

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